Reading is Fundamental. It really is.

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This past week, I had the pleasure of volunteering with RIF at one of the schools in my neighborhood. I feel like its been a while since I've made myself useful and it felt good. The kids were quite cute (I had second graders) and quite fidgety (like I was at that age). I read them two books. One titled Sunflowers and the other called The little Duck. I asked them a ton of questions about the books and even though it didn't seem like they were paying that much attention they were on it with answering the questions.

I met some cool people that work for RIF and for the After school Alliance and I got to be in the presence of that interesting blue character at the top, who they affectionately call Riffington. Even though the kids of today sometimes make me nervous I did a great job interacting with the kids and look forward to the next opportunity. Doing this read aloud with the kids made me realize that there is more to this often self centered life I live. Hopefully this will spark a fire in me to do more.

Neglecting My 1st Love and My Recent Adventure

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I've had this blog for over 5 years and I'm sad to say that I been neglecting my first love for no good reason. Today my sister friend Sara actually asked me if I shared some pics of a recent adventure I went on on my blog and it encouraged me to start posting here more regularly so here I am. I should also let you know that I contribute to two other blogs Back on the Wagon (Again) and The Online Dating Dilemma and sometimes one gets a little more attention than the other.

Anyway, my recent adventure was to the Sandy Spring Adventure Park. I wanted to go because I'm afraid of heights and I'm seeking to overcome it. I will say that it was a GREAT 1st start. I did much better than I thought I would, and my fear, well, was more so in my head than the heart thumping outta my chest type. Although I didn't finish the course, I would totally do it again. I should also mention that when I got to the 1st zip line I punked out for about 30 minutes. I let 12 people go in front of me (all while helping them no less) and had one of the workers come and attempt to rescue me before I decided to just take the plunge. He was mighty ticked at me but I will say that the rescue was a lot more scary than doing the zip line. I'm glad I did it actually, and to be honest, when I was done, I wanted to do it again. I'm sure there is some deep spiritual lesson in all of this and when I am able to communicate it I just may. :)

Simply the Best!

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The whole notion of what it means to be the best has been on my mind for the past couple of months and was my main focus during the lent season. On a daily basis I've been looking at what it means to me as it relates to work, and in my personal life. I've ask myself questions like: "are you doing your best?" "is your best a personal best or can you compare your best to others?" It was hard to shake the thought, what it meant and the lessons I was supposed to get out of it.

I guess one of the important things that I've come to realize is that giving my best everyday is less about a competition but about running my own race. There will be times of competition, however, it's about me pouring my all into everything I do when it comes to work, my health, my relationships etc.

I was speaking with someone who is sort of like a mentor, and she said that being the best to her was about personal integrity, about giving her all and about not taking advantage of opportunities to slack off. I think that that really summed it all up for me and I pull from what she said when I feel the desire to slack off (which is often) :)

Sacrifice or Thoughts in this Big Head of Mine.

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What is it about these 40 days that has many of us scrambling trying to think about what we're going to "give up" for the Lent season? (or sacrifice which is a better word I reckon.) Do we even think about why we're giving up a certain thing or are we doing it because that's what we've always done? Do we do it because we want to appear holy in some way to other people? Do we do it because our friends are doing it? To go on a diet? Whatever the reason, I think it's worthwhile to ask ourselves these questions during this time.

If I'm honest with myself, (and this is me for personally, not anyone else) giving up something over these 40 days is not the hard part (or the hardest part, cause it is hard) its the giving up of something beyond the 40 days which is the hardest. Christ gave His life, although his life purpose, I'm sure the hardest thing he had to do.

Over the past few years, I've personally made the decision not to necessarily give up anything. Mostly because by the end of the season I was eating (because more than likely I gave up some sort of food) exactly what I said I wasn't. I made excuse after excuse till I was right back at square one.....What was the purpose anyway I finally asked myself? Not sure I ever really figured that out which is why I just decided to nix the whole giving up something.

This year however, although I haven't been really going to church for the past two years, I've decided not to give up anything per say but rather I'll use this season as a time of introspection, a time to get in touch with self if you will.

Lent for me isn't solely about letting go of or giving up, but it's also about taking hold of and/or adopting a new way doing things and that's what I plan to do because,these past few years have been especially rough for me spiritually. I'm at a place I never imagined I'd be (at least not for this long). Nevertheless, I would say its a season where I've been the most honest with myself, with my feelings and how I am feeling about and towards God right now which is a BIG step for me.

Anyway, I believe that this season is not only about sacrifice but also about self examination. It is a time for reflection and taking stock. This is going to be an interesting journey to say the least because sometimes I just don't wanna look in that mirror and deal with me.

Anyway, now that I've officially babbled on, I wish and pray that you a productive, and fruitful Lent season.